On July 12 St. John’s Lutheran Church in Hubbard and St. Paul’s Lutheran Church in Eldora hosted a fun Eldora Zone event at Hubbard that was attended by 30 ladies.  Clarissa Spiehs, a member of St. Paul’s Lutheran church in Eldora and one of the Young Women Reps at the Milwaukee Convention told about her duties and experiences at the Convention.  After her presentation, Clarissa showed everyone how to correctly roll underwear that goes into the Orphan Grain Train hygiene kits.  She and the ladies from the Eldora Zone had learned how to do that at the Convention.  They rolled 286 pairs of underwear that night and donated 72 bars of soap, 88 washcloths, and over 300 pairs of underwear! .  The Zone hopes to complete 80 kits by October.