Voting Results for 2020 convention

Mission Grants IED 2020-2022


Group 1 Passed

Group 2 Passed

Group 3 Passed

Group 4 Passed

District Officers

Vice President of Organizational Resources

Carolyn Zimmermann

Vice President of Human Care

Angela Banko

Vice President of Communications

Helen Huedepohl


Rebecca Gluesing

Junior Pastoral Counselor

Rev. Chris Roepke



There are no events to show.

Wednesday Worship Information

Here is a link to other merchandise that will be for sale at the Fall 2020 Convention I'm going to highlight some of those items so you can share them with your local groups. Today I'm going to focus on a few of the devotions, Bible studies and books that are available. Mustard Seed packets: These are excellent to tuck into a greeting card, send in a care package, or leave with a tip at a restaurant. They are inexpensive (20-30 devotions for $1.50) and come in a variety of themes and packages. Mustard Seed booklets: These are the same Mustard Seed devotions, but assembled in a small booklet. These can be given in place of a greeting card, as a shower gift (new mom, wedding), or to celebrate a life milestone. They are also inexpensive - each booklet contains about 20 devotions for $2.99. Together is Better - Marriage Devotions and Activities: Thirty devotions for couples to do together. Great for newlyweds or seasoned couples! $5.50 A Missionary? Me? - A collection of 8 inspiring Bible studies/reflections by women serving as missionaries. $4.00 Balance Series: Christ Filled Living, Christ Filled Family Living, Christ Filled Living with Adolescents - Something for everyone! Each booklet has 6 studies. $4.00 each