Westgate Zone Fall Rally

President Margaret with wings
The Photo shows, “The Wallet” Patsy Buls,
(Treasurer of our Society) and “The Mite Box”,
Darla Fagenbaum (Secretary of our Society). In
the background is the Westgate Zone
On Saturday morning, September 19, 2020 the Westgate Zone LWML held their Fall Rally “Standing on Scripture” at Immanuel-Klinger. The morning started at 9:000 AM with Registration. An in-gathering of donated items for “school kits” and “health kits” for Orphan Grain Train in Clemons were collected together with Thrivent Action Team projects.
Opening devotion by Host Pastor Philip Girardin was given at 9:30 AM followed by speaker, Rev. Andrew J Preus from Trinity-Guttenberg and St Paul-McGregor. Pastor Preus based his bible study “Bearing the Cross” on 2 Timothy 3:12 ESV.
The meeting was called to order by President Nancy Maurer.  26 members, 3 Pastors and 2 guests were present.
Iowa East District LWML representative present was President Margaret Kistler. She shared news from the district. A week prior, the 2020 LWML Convention/Celebration was held at Camp Io-Dis-E-Ca due to rescheduling & relocating after the “traditional convention” was canceled in June. One of the high points at Camp was the “Mite Challenge” of raising $4,000 (with $500 from LCEF) was met!  It was truly an exciting time with all thanks given to God!
In response to fulfilling the Convention/Celebration fundraising challenge, President Margaret was to “wear the wings” made for her. But there were no wings to wear that day of the convention… She may have thought, with no wings to wear at the convention/celebration she got out of doing that… Well, to her complete surprise, during her presentation at this rally, a week later of meeting the challenge, she was reminded by her LWML sisters that she needed to start wearing “her wings”!  Thanks to Martha Hartwig and her creative sewing skills, she made President Margaret “purple wings” after Karen Boehme asked her on Sunday the 13th if it would be possible for her to have them ready for the upcoming zone rally — in 6 days. So, President Margaret was “winged” this day and the mites raised for the challenge will help spread the word of the gospel through the LWML. SPOILER ALERT: for those zones holding their Fall Rallies in the near future – keep your eyes open to see the “purple wings” on our District President!
The LWML sketch presentation, “Exercising to his word”, was given by Brenda Boyce, Marilyn Helmuth and Becky Wehrspann.
Closing devotion was led by Pastor Michael Holmen, LWML Zone Pastoral Counselor.
Thanks to those who were a part of this inspiring time – Pastors, organist, Board members, attendees and the ladies of Immanuel!
The Westgate Zone Spring Rally 2021 is scheduled to be held at St Paul-Readlyn.
IED President Margaret received purple wings. 
Brenda Boyce, Becky Wehrspann & Marilyn Helmuth doing the Christian Life Skit..”Christian Exercises”.


It started in the late 1950’s – something of which I am very grateful. I was a young girl, the beginning times, I heard the conversations between my mother, Joyce Kehe – Ladies Aid member at Immanuel Church – Klinger, Iowa, with my grandmother, Adella Schultz – Dorcas member at St. John Church – Waverly, Iowa. Those conversations about their church women’s organizations continued through the decades. As I grew older, together we talked about LWML, missions, mite box offerings, prayers, fellowship, Bible studies, rallies, doing servant events, and more. Of course, being Lutherans, the topic of food was included – how delicious that casserole/salad/dessert tasted that was served at the last LWML meeting AND ideas of what food to serve when it was our turn to serve! Hmm…that reminds me, my grandma and mom made THE best jello – “Lutherans do love jello!”
As time went by, my grandma and mother were called to the church triumphant. They have received their crown of life. I rejoice with them, but I miss our conversations about LWML. Then the idea came to mind that I would create a “conversation piece of LWML” to joyfully share with others what fills my heart – through conversations. On the cross necklace there are charms of mustard seeds, LWML, purple heart, mites, plus birthstones and initials of my grandmother and mother.
There is so much more to share with you – let’s have a conversation!
Serving the Lord with gladness,
Karen J Boehme

Westgate Zone Officers

Contact Person – Nancy Maurer

1559 Lawrence Ave

Independence, IA 50644-9224



President – vacant
Vice President – vacant
Secretary – Brenda Boyce
Treasurer -Vera Hoins
Pastoral Counselor – the Rev. Michael Holmen
Young Women Rep. Coordinator – Karen Boehme
Human Care Chairman – Carol Lau
Christian Life Committee – Connie Werling, Marilyn Helmuth, Brenda Boyce and Becky Wehrspann