Dubuque Fall 2021 Rally Review

Saturday, Oct. 16, 2021

Our Redeemers – Dubuque, IA

The day started at 8:30am with registration, coffee and pastries

We moved into the fellowship hall at 9:05am, Lou Ann Knaak started the rally, President Kreutner was out of town.

The rally began with Juanita Brissey from Our Saviors Dubuque welcoming everyone.

Pastor Cearlock and Pastor Kincaid lead us in the Matin’s service.

President Kistler gave her President report- as of 10/16/2021 $55,434 had been paid out in grants. We are half way there, keep up the good work.  Alberta Martens received her crown of glory August 12th, she was a very active LWML member.  She has left approximately $50,000 to add to the IED Student Aid Endowment Fund through her Charitable Remainder Trust.

Pastor Cearlock lead the Bible study “In Remembrance of Me”

It was noted that some long time LWML members received their Crown of Glory since last we met Delores Lindsay and Annette Reimers.

LouAnn Knaak- elected Vice-President, Janelle, elected Secretary and Pastor Dave Weber, Zone Counselor

30 women attended

3 Pastor

Ingathering for Pastor James May serving in Africa collected $275.00

General offering for Zone $144.00

New officers installed by Pastor Weber- Lou Ann Knaak and Janell Wollschlager

Lou Ann pointed out on the National Delegate account was higher this year because they could not fill the buses do to Covid and not having as many on the bus.

Jean Schulz gave a moving presentation on The Hand of the Lord is Powerful regarding an accident her and her husband were involved in and how God was with them the entire way, incorporated stones into presentation.

Joyce Johnson and Janell Wollschlager preformed skit to invite people to IED June 2022 convention.

Pictures from 2021 LMWL National Convention

Janet Smith raised $310 for Missions! Here are some pictures from the day of the walk

Fall Rally 2021

Our Redeemer Charity Guild and LWML Society has set the date of October 16, 2021 for the Fall Rally.  Look for more information by September

Our Savior Ladies Help the Community

We honored our first responders from the area. Pictured is Ed Tibbott and Val Krause who talked to our group with demos on safety. (First responder quilt not made by WOS)

Trinity Ladies Aid Makes Aprons

Trinity Ladies Aid sewed aprons and put Bible verses in the pockets to give to all ladies in church on Mother’s Day.
Ruth Payne helped with the sewing but is not in this photo.

Our Redeemer Work Day March 14, 2020

Our Redeemer Charity Guild and LWML Society had a work day.  Here are some of the pictures
Diane Torrey working on school kits
Julie Butler (left) and Elizabeth Berndt (right) tying quilts.
Lora Lakin is pinning the edge of the quilt.
Arlene Reisen (in blue) and Vickie Klinkhammer are also busy making items for Lutheran World Relief

Women of Our Savior LWML – Manchester September 2019

Twice a year the Women of Our Savior LWML make visits to our Church Family Shut Ins.  Our Christian Growth Committee prepares a devotion and snack baskets or plates to us on the visits.  The ladies go out in twos or threes to visit, do the devotion and leave the snacks with the member. The visits are about a half hour and very enjoyable by all.  The LWML then holds a regular meeting and share highlight of our visits with each other. We had six home visits in September.

6 baskets ready to go out

Dubuque Zone Fall Rally – September 14, 2019

Beautiful 2019 IED Banner
Ladies gathered