Pre-Convention Mite Challenge

Happy 80th Birthday LWML
$80.00 for 80 years challenge

2022 marks the 80 year anniversary of LWML. In honor of this momentous milestone, I am issuing a Pre-Convention challenge to the Zones of Iowa East District to collect $8,000.00 prior to the opening of the 2022 Convention in Cedar Falls on June 10.

Challenge guidelines:

Individuals, Bible Study/Circle groups, local congregational groups and congregations of the Iowa East District are encouraged to gather mites in $80 increments. 100 donations of $80 will equal $8,000. Note: there are 118 LCMS entities (active, inactive and no society) in Iowa East District.


** Special mite collection Sundays each month **

 ** Muffins for Mites **  

** $1.00 per day for 80 days in your mite box **

** March 14 - National Pi Day - (3.14 for the math geeks) FREE - fresh, home-made pie - in exchange for $20.00 dropped in the Mite Box. 

Hold this event on March 13 after church. **

** Bible Study Group – special collection each time you meet

Donations for this challenge will jump start our mites for the 2022-2024 biennium Mission Grants and Scholarships. To qualify for the challenge, mites must be submitted to Financial Secretary, Marna Mohr, 2119 G Ave, Marengo, IA 52301, prior to the opening of Convention, clearly indicating the Zone to be credited.

Totals will be announced at the Convention.


Mission Grant Proposals for 2022-2024

Below are the Mission Grant Proposals and the WhereAs Statements for the 2022-2024 Biennium