Guidelines to Submit Application to Iowa East District LWML for Student Aid

Student Aid will be awarded in amounts announced by the LWML – Iowa East District. A committee of four will consider the applications for Student Aid. The LWML Student Aid will be disbursed directly to the institution in which the applicant has enrolled and will work as a supplement to any other financial aid.

Confused about the grant application process?  Follow this simple check list.

A. Eligibility

      1.  Each applicant must be a member of a congregation within Iowa East District of the Lutheran Church – Missouri Synod.

     2.  Each applicant must be a high school graduate who has enrolled and been accepted at any LCMS synodical training school and who is preparing for full-time professional work in the Lutheran Church – Missouri Synod.

B.  Application Procedure

     1.  Applications for Student Aid must be in the hands of the Chairman of the LWML Student Aid Committee by June 1 of each year.  Recipients will be notified by June 15 of each year.

     2.  Student Aid funds will be awarded for one-year periods.

     3.  Applicants already receiving funds must re-apply in order to receive aid for the next academic year.

     4.  All applicants must file an LWML-Iowa-East-District-Student-Financial-Aid-Application 2021                            (Note: Acrobat Reader is needed to download and print forms.)

     5.  Applicants must secure a letter of recommendation from the Pastor or Elder of their home church, which should be mailed directly to the Chairman of the LWML – Iowa East District Student Aid Committee.

    6.  A personal letter of 200 words or more from the applicant with specific facts as to why he or she is preparing for full-time work in the church and why financial assistance is required.  The letter must accompany the application form.

     7.  Each applicant should be expected to report to the Chairman of the LWML Student Aid Committee any changes in plans or enrollment at the time they occur.

LWML – IED Student Aid Committee Chairman
Jeanette Kreutner
2774 Highway 38
Hopkinton, IA  52237
Phone: 563-590-0401

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