NameAmount DispersedBalance to Pay
LCMS Missions: Worker Wellness for Chaplain Families$3,000$0
Voice of Care: Equipping Iowa District East for Disability Ministry and Respite Care$8,596$0
Concordia Scholarships: Undergraduate, Seminary and Deaconess$30,000$0
Camp Io-Disc-E-Ca: Let Us Sing to the LORD, Enriching Camp Worship with Beautiful Music$5,500$2,500
CTSFW Food and Clothing Co-op: Financial Assistance to CTSFW Food and Clothing Co-op to purchase Food$10,000$0
Concordia Seminary, St Louis: Comprehensive Efforts to Address the LCMS Pastor Shortage$5,500
Life Ministry, LCMS Office of National Mission: Hope for the Hopeless$5,000
Africa Region, LCMS Office of International Mission: Mozambique Dorcas Sewing Project$5,000$0
Valley Lutheran High School: Internet Infrastructure Improvement$10,000$0
St John’s Lutheran Church: Wartburg Walther League (LCMS-U)$2,500$0
Immanuel Lutheran, Cedar Falls: Immanuel Lutheran LERT$2,000$0
Africa Region, LCMS Office of International Mission: Matongo Seminary Chapel$5,000
Lutheran East Side Mission: Faith Based Program$2,500$0
Community Lutheran School, Readlyn: Feed My Lambs$3,000$0
POBLO International:Iowa East District Cross Cultural Outreach Ministry Training$5,000$0

Mission Log

February 2024 Mission Log 2

Mission Bookmark

Mission Bookmark for 2022-2024

Here is the video for the Mission grants that were voted on at the 2022 convention